About me

International Master (IM) in chess since 2007, with one Grandmaster (GM) norm from 2008. In recent years, I have done more writing and coaching than competitive tournament chess. My latest book for Quality Chess was published on November 1st, 2017 (Sharp Endgames). My next book will be Opening Simulator: King’s Indian Defence, co-written with Danish IM Andreas Hagen. The draft has been handed in to Quality Chess, and I have already uploaded 5 exercises from the book.

Since 2014, I develop educational and classic games on a freelance basis. My wife and I launched our own company in October 2018, SILU Game Products LLC. We plan to bring the games to market ourselves. Our first company product is a Handmade Chess Leather Bag.

My formal education is a Bachelor’s degree in German Language and Culture from the University of Copenhagen. In 2001-2002, I lived in Berlin for one year as an exchange student.

Currently I live in New Jersey with my wife Lu Mu. She provides all videos and photos for the blog, check out her work portfolio here.

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