Opening Simulator: King’s Indian

My next book is co-written with Danish IM Andreas Hagen, and it will probably come out sometime in the spring or summer of 2019. The draft of the book has been handed in to Quality Chess.

The biggest takeaways from the book:

  • We have incorporated Deliberate Practice in the book concept, and our credo to approach the opening is read, solve and play! The long Introduction to the King’s Indian Defence is thorough, interesting and up to date with opening theory as of October 1st 2018, and the 400 exercises on 5 levels are there to prepare you for tournament play.
  • In order to give you a deeper understanding of the opening, we discuss themes like white’s space advantage in the center after d4-d5 and what it means, and we also look into positions with pawns on c5 and e5 after white closes the center with d4-d5. This is a popular setup among some black King’s Indian players, and many white players are unsure how to deal with it. Ultimately, we ask the question if the King’s Indian is a strategically suspect opening for black.
  • All exercises have been tested prior to publication, and the solutions are specific in terms of what you need to see in order to solve them. Thus, the feedback is concrete, and this is very much in line with deliberate practice.
  • In the exercise section, you will see names such as Saric, Gligoric, Kozul, Nunn, Kasparov, Fischer, Bronstein, Radjabov and Jones – all great King’s Indian players who know what they are doing in the opening.

Feel free to try to solve 5 exercises from the book here.

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