The First 11 Endgame Columns

Since I started out with the Weekly Endgame Column in November 2017, more than 10 columns have now seen the light of day. In the first 11 WEC’s, this is what I have covered so far:

The subject of the next Endgame Column – no. 12 – will be the Troitzky Line in 2N vs. pawn.

Over time, I will cover all areas of the endgame theory – including endgame studies – but in the beginning, the endgame with two knights vs. pawn will take up some space. I have worked a lot with this endgame, and I can say that it is a great satisfaction to fully understand the most difficult endgame there is. Also, to many players, this endgame is a bit of a mystery and difficult to get a grip of – and I will try my best to help out here. Another reason for posting about this endgame is that I think there is a lot to be learned from it.