2020 Chess Calendar

2020 Chess Calendar

The 2020 Chess Calendar has a great collection of puzzles from world championship matches (unofficial and official) from 1834 until today. Monday thru Thursday sees a gradual rise in level, Friday is mainly devoted to endgames, and on weekends, we have included fun puzzles, studies, problems, special mates and more. All positions have been selected and presented by IM Silas Esben Lund.

An ebook version of the 2020 Chess Calendar will appear at the end of 2020 in our Shop for sale.

Here is a short video presentation of the 2020 Chess Calendar.


Our partners in Europe

Dansk Skaksalg (the Danish Chess Shop) sells our 2021 Chess Calendar in Denmark and across Europe. There might be a few versions of the 2020 version left as well! For many Europeans, this will be a cheaper option than getting it shipped from New Jersey, USA.

If you face any language barriers, I am sure that they are ready to assist on sales@skaksalg.dk if you write in English.

Our price: $14.95

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