First Positive Reactions

Opening Simulator:

“It looks like a Danish home run!
It is one thing to have an excellent idea, but it looks to me like they’ve executed it perfectly!
These are just my impressions so far after reading the first 30 pages and browsing/glancing through the book.

It’s very well written.
It’s very well researched (an extensive bibliography which they refer to from time to time).
An excellent 80 page introduction to the King’s Indian. No opening theory or dense variations, but verbal commentary about all the major systems white has at his disposal with the plans for both sides.

I have not gone through the problems yet, but I glanced at the solutions.
And the solutions really looks like the star of the show.
The solutions all have some verbal commentary with them why moves are bad, or why you have to see certain moves, or just some explanations why something works (or doesn’t).

Great stuff!
I’m looking forward to working with the book and picking up the KID-glove again after 13 years!”

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