Chess History Quiz, Question #10

Answer, Question #9: Hague/Moscow 1948. 4 players competed: Paul Keres, Samuel Reshevsky, Max Euwe and Mikhail Botvinnik. Botvinnik became world champion.

Question #10: One time, the winner of the Candidates Final was crowned world champion as the reigning world champion did not show up to defend his title. Who became world champion like that, when was it, and who did he beat in the Candidates Final?

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Chess History Quiz, Question #3

Answer from yesterday: He settled in New York in 1883 and lived there for the rest of his life.

Question 3: Mikhail Botvinnik played rematches for the World Championship one year after having lost the title in 1958 (against Smyslov) and 1961 (against Tal). Why didn’t he play a rematch against Petrosian in 1964, after having lost the title in 1963?

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