Sharp Endgames

My 3rd principal work.

The biggest takeaways from the book:

  • Practical over-the-board training with exercises that can either be played against an engine or another person
  • At least 64 playing exercises from levels 1-5, all to be solved under time pressure
  • The book is based on the 5 core principles of Deliberate Practice, as outlined by Geoff Colvin in his book Talent is Overrated. What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else
  • Presentation of 16 parameters to describe the underlying strategical thinking on each Critical Moment (CM) in an exercise
  • Theoretical knowledge is needed for a more informed decision, and each major endgame section therefore has an introduction. Thus, the book is of both practical and theoretical value
  • “Lord of the Rings” is a unique and systematic approach to explain endgame positions with knight vs. pawn
  • A less explored endgame section with queen + pawn vs. queen where focus is on the area just behind the pawn. An important finding is that not all positions with a bishop’s pawn is a win

Price: $24.95