Silas Esben Lund Brief Resume

Since my arrival in New York in 2017, I have worked with chess in New York schools. I have been to multiple National and State Scholastic Championships for the Anderson School (since
2018) and Speyer Legacy School (since 2021). Originally from Denmark, Scandinavia,
I have captained multiple European and World Youth Championships on the European continent, for both Scotland and Denmark. Thus, I am very experienced on many youth/age/grade levels, in the US and internationally.
As a competitive player, I became an IM in 2007, and made my first GM norm in 2008. These
days, however, I do more teaching and writing. So far, 4 books have been published for Quality
Chess (from Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces in 2005, to the latest in 2019 on the King’s Indian
Defence) and I have a new book project in the pipeline.
My strength and passion is to explain complex issues in a manner that is easily understandable,
and I do that through my writing as well as my teaching. For me personally, endgames
and strategic planning is the exciting part of chess. My books usually deal with endgame and
middlegame concepts, and it is an exciting challenge to teach this to youngsters, as they
usually struggle the most in this area due to a lack of experience.
Together with my wife Lu Mu, we founded SILU Games in 2018. I am behind the annual
Chess Calendar with 365 daily puzzles that has been in production since 2020, but our company also makes chess accessories and educational games.