Rook versus Two Minor Pieces

My 1st principal work.

Esben Lund: Rook versus Two Minor Pieces, Quality Chess 2005.

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The biggest takeaways from the book are:

  • A systematic presentation of this piece configuration, with focus on both rook versus 2 knights, versus 2 bishops and versus bishop + knight – the latter being the most common. Also, all 3 phases of the game is covered, from the opening over the middlegame to the endgame
  • Focus on 3 essential themes: the exchanging problem, the color problem and domination of the bishop by pawns
  • The difference in nature between bishops and knights, and how these two pieces can have approximately the same value. The bishop is color blind, but covers its color complex much better than the knight – that on the other hand have access to all squares on the board, albeit changing color with each move it makes
  • An in-depth discussion of the number of pawns needed for the rook side to compensate for the 1:2 piece deficit
  • A total of 42 exercises for the reader to solve, in order to test the newly enhanced knowledge

Price: $59.95