Exercise from Sharp Endgames

John Weber – Frederik Rhee

Danish Team Corr. 2003–04

White to move. Which of the following two moves would you choose?

 A) 57.g4

B) 57.Ke3

Argue your choice and give some relevant lines to back it up.

Suggested time: 5 minutes.

Click here to see the solution.

(Please notice the following: I ask a difficult question on a Critical Moment in the above position where White has to make a focused choice. As a playing exercise however, the position should be set up and played against an engine or another human to get the full benefit. This is the intention with the exercises in Sharp Endgames. As a playing exercise, no one tells you when to expect a Critical Moment, and you are responsible for your own time distribution – just as in a normal tournament game. The time control for this playing exercise would be 8’+30” increment. The instructions for setting up the position and the clock can be found in my book.)