2021 Chess Calendar – FREE Lecture

The 2021 Chess Calendar is ready for purchase – the perfect holiday gift!

2021 Chess Calendar

On Monday 11/16 at 5:30-6pm (Eastern Time) I will present the 2021 Chess Calendar. The lecture is FREE and aimed at all players rated 500+. The level of the puzzles rises throughout the week, with special focus on endgames on Fridays.

Join the Zoom meeting and check the level for yourself as I present 2 weeks of puzzles from this year’s Chess Calendar!

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2020 Chess Calendar available at USCF Sales

The 2020 Chess Calendar by SILU Games is now available at the US Chess Federation Sales. The price is only $14.95, you can find it by clicking here

USCF Sales sell chess products world wide (137 countries) and also offers last minute savings up to 20%. Find more information on uscfsales.com

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Chess History Quiz, Question #10

Answer, Question #9: Hague/Moscow 1948. 4 players competed: Paul Keres, Samuel Reshevsky, Max Euwe and Mikhail Botvinnik. Botvinnik became world champion.

Question #10: One time, the winner of the Candidates Final was crowned world champion as the reigning world champion did not show up to defend his title. Who became world champion like that, when was it, and who did he beat in the Candidates Final?

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Chess History Quiz, Question #5

Answer, Question #4: Alexander Alekhine died in 1946, Mikhail Botvinnik became world champion in 1948.

Question 5: In which city has the most world championship matches been played? Matches from all formats since 1834 count, and so does matches with shared host cities. Extra question: who are the runner-ups (no. 2 and 3)?

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