Future Books

Currently, I am collecting material for books aiming at players rated 1200-1800, thus filling out a gap as my first 4 books for Quality Chess are on a slightly higher level. Intriguing to me is the middlegame of chess and how to best teach this subject effectively.

Having several kids as private students, I am able to test the material prior to publication. I also teach after school chess in 3 New York schools/learning centers, providing me with yet another opportunity to get feedback on the material.

Prior to all this, I already did put some thoughts into scholastic chess with the book publication Skoleskak (“Scholastic Chess” – in Danish, Lindhardt & Ringhof 2013).

Currently, I am also working on a Chess Calendar for 2020 that will be published by SILU Games. On this blog page, you can download a sample week for 2020. There will be 366 chess puzzles to solve throughout the year, presented in the usual calendar format.

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