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 Interesting Endgames (Thursdays 7-9pm ET)Complex Middlegames (Mondays 7-9pm ET)Endgame Studies (Sundays 2-4pm ET)
Class 1April 9: Rook Endgames – why they are so difficultApril 27: Double-Edged BishopsApril 26: King, bishop and knight mate
Class 2April 16: Rook vs. bishop – the sharpest endgame?May 4: Dynamic piece sacrifices in the King’s Indian DefenceMay 10: Famous themes in studies
Class 3April 23: Knight vs. pawns – how the knight loses a tempoMay 11: Exchange sacrifices in the French DefenceMay 17: Studies based on fortresses
Class 4April 30: 2 knights vs. pawn – understanding the most complex ending.May 18: Exchange sacrifices - rook for bishopMay 24: Rook vs. pawn - funny movements up and down the board
Class 5May 7: 2 bishops vs. bishop & knight: Understanding why the bishop pair is strongMay 25: Nimzowitsch treatment of the Nimzo-Indian in “My System”May 31: 2 bishops + knight vs. rook + pawn
Class 6May 14: A closer look at the Scotch Endgame with rook vs. two minor piecesJune 1: Ragozin middlegames – compensation for the dark-squared bishopJune 7: Favorite endgame studies
Class 7May 21: Bishop vs. knight – the bishop ends in zugzwang!June 8: Queen sacrifices for long-term compensationJune 14: 2 bishops vs. knight + pawn
Class 8May 28: Knight vs. pawn – Lord of the ringsJune 15: AlphaZero’s superior strategies vs. Stockfish 8June 21: Introduction to the work of Alexey Troitzky
Class 9June 4: Rook + bishop vs. rook + knight: Fischer’s favoriteJune 22: Pawn sacrifices for the initiative – examples from Alekhine’s gamesJune 28: King + queen versus king + pawn(s)
Class 10June 11: Understanding the Berlin WallJune 29: Carlsbad Structure in the QGD – classical approach to AlphaZero’s inventive treatmentJuly 5: Studies with odd piece configurations
Class 11June 18: Mating attacks in endgamesJuly 6: Exchange sacrifices – rook for knightJuly 12: Pawn endgames with a twist!
Class 12June 25: Opposite-colored bishops – the most strategic endgameJuly 13: The risky strategy with Na5 in the Grunfeld Indian DefenceJuly 19: Scrutinizing the studies of Richard Reti
Class 13July 2: Queen vs. rook + pawnJuly 20: July 26: Favorite endgame studies (part 2)
Class 14July 9: The Ragozin endgameJuly 27: August 3: Queen + bishop vs. queen
Class 15July 16: Knight endgames – the barrierAugust 4: August 10: Queen + knight vs. queen
Class 16July 23: Endgames with rook vs. two minor piecesAugust 11: August 17: Surprise transformation into a pawn endgame

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