Online Chess For Kids

New York Scholastic Chess Club is organizing online lessons to New York City chess students. Ivan Dirkx is the founder and also runs these programs. Recently, the program was expanded to online classes for all interested students, and I have been involved from the beginning as a teacher of these 3 levels, 9 classes per week. I have known Ivan since my arrival to New York in 2017 and now work with him 5 days a week, in 3 different New York schools. You can read more about that here.

We have great experience with the use of Zoom, running chess classes with up to 25 students.

Below is an overview of the available levels and time slots:

Level 1: 500-1000 rating
Level 2: 1000-1500 rating
Level 3: 1500+ rating

Wednesday 3-3:30pm Level 1
Wednesday 4-4:45pm Level 2
Wednesday 5-5:45pm Level 3

Friday 3-3:30pm Level 1
Friday 4-4:45pm Level 2
Friday 5-5:45pm Level 3

Saturday 9-9:30am Level 1
Saturday 10-10:45am Level 2
Saturday 11-11:45am Level 3

The information below you can also find on the website. Email Ivan directly at

REGISTER for the online classes.

  • Each class has a specific subject matter: Checkmates, tactics, openings, middle game or endgame study.
  • Classes are taught by highly skilled chess masters and international masters over Zoom application.
  • The cost is $50 per week for each level, meaning you can take up to 3 classes per week (less than $17 per class).
  • Class size will be capped at 25 students per level.
  • Class links will be emailed to families who register the day before classes begin.

Space is very limited as we will be keeping classes to a manageable size so all students will be able to participate and being engaged. We will close registration whenever necessary.


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