Special Discount – Online Participants

If you are signed up for at least one of my online classes (my own or those in the Marshall Chess Club), or if you are a private student of mine, you can purchase a selection of our products at a 25% discount.

The list with discount prices is shown below. All of my books for Quality Chess are of course signed.

I am a participant in one of Silas’ online programs!


2022 Chess Calendar (coming soon!)

$14.95 (Standard price: $19.95)


Opening Simulator: King’s Indian Defence (learn more here)

Hardcover $25.95 (Standard price: $34.95)

Paperback $22.45 (Standard price: $29.95)


Sharp Endgames (learn more here)

$18.95 (Standard price: $24.95)


The Secret Life of Bad Bishops (learn more here)

$14.95 (Standard price: $19.95)

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