Weekly Chess Letter

The Weekly Chess Letter is no longer active. I launched it as a way to show my books interactively, presenting new material, and it was also a way to show my style of coaching. The participants received an email with material once a week during the year the Weekly Chess Letter was active.

This is what it consisted of:

  1. One subscriber game analyzed by me.
  2. One game fragment based on one of my books.
  3. One endgame fragment.

Click here to see a free sample of the Weekly Chess Letter.

I you wish to get all the material from 52 Weekly Chess Letters, feel free to contact me and I will give you a good price.

A few words on the recommended rating level for the Weekly Chess Letter:

  • In general, I only recommend players with a rating of at least 1200 to subscribe to the Weekly Chess Letter.
  • The analysis of the subscriber game will match the levels of the players involved, and thus the difficulty can vary here.
  • My three principal works for Quality Chess are on a slightly higher level, and I therefore recommend players to be rated at least 1800 to fully understand the concepts. However, you might be an aspiring or ambitious player, or the material might appeal to you – and in this case, I encourage you to go for it.

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