What’s in the Weekly Chess Letter?

A Weekly Chess Letter based on my books and my teaching style, with one subscriber game annotated every week – in your email every Friday!

3 possible subscriptions:

  1. $4.95 monthly
  2. $24.75 for 6 months – you save 1 month (17%)
  3. $44.55 for 1 year – you save 3 months (25%)

Each Weekly Chess Letter will consist of the following 3 elements. The material will be emailed in cbv (Chessbase Archive Format) and pgn (Portable Game Notation).

1) One subscriber game analyzed by me. Send in your game before Monday, and I will choose between the games for the upcoming Chess Letter. In the first Weekly Chess Letter (on Friday, October 5th), I will annotate a game myself, so first time to send in a game is before October 8th 2018.

2) One game fragment based on one of my principal works:

All material is new, but built on the concepts from my books.

3) One endgame fragment. This can be either basic or sharp endgames, or endgame studies.

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A few words on the recommended rating level for the Weekly Chess Letter:

  • In general, I only recommend players with a rating of at least 1200 to subscribe to the Weekly Chess Letter.
  • The analysis of the subscriber game will match the levels of the players involved, and thus the difficulty can vary here.
  • My three principal works for Quality Chess are on a slightly higher level, and I therefore recommend players to be rated at least 1800 to fully understand the concepts. However, you might be an aspiring or ambitious player, or the material might appeal to you – and in this case, I encourage you to go for it.