4 Positions from Kamsky’s Games

17/2: updated with solutions!

The following 4 game fragments are all taken from Gata Kamsky’s games played in Moscow Open 2017. Kamsky participated for the first time and ended up with 7/9 points and 5th place. You can read the full Chessbase report on the event here.

During the tournament, Kamsky was involved in many interesting games. He likes strategic positions where difficult decisions have to be made – thus giving his opponents a possibility to go wrong. Try to answer the questions to the following 4 middlegame positions.

1. Kamsky – Igor Glek (3)

Black to move. Find a plan for the next 3-5 moves in this early middlegame position.

2. Kamsky – Igor Naumkin (6)

White to move. How would you continue?

3. Tuan Minh Tran – Kamsky (7)

White to move. How to react to the threat of 23…g5?

4. Kamsky – Semen Lomasov (8)

Black to move. How would you continue from this position?

Good luck with the exercises!

Click here to see the solutions to the 4 exercises.