After School From September 2018

In the new school year, I will continue as an After School Teacher in both The Anderson School and Queens Paideia School.

Wilhelm Røpke 1942: White to move and mate in 6 moves!

While I only teach chess in The Anderson School, the Queens Paideia School will add Strategic Games and Puzzles to their After School Program! Since I already teach chess in QPS, I will teach both programs from September 2018 (on Mondays and Wednesdays).

For more information, see this blog page on Teaching Kids

The PDF flyer for the after-school program Strategic Games and Puzzles can be downloaded here: FLYER Strategic Games and Puzzles

Solution to the puzzle: The above diagram is a chess joke, and it appeared in Skakbladet (Danish Chess Magazine) in 1942. The solution is easier than you can imagine: just play the only move in the position on every move!