Inspired by The Secret Life of Bad Bishops

I received the following game from an admirer of The Secret Life of Bad Bishops. Below is the position after move 20:

Position after 20…f5

Moshe Rachmuth, the Black player, writes: “This is a move I would never have made before reading Lund’s book. The bishop, limited by both the c4-pawn and the f5-pawn, would have disgusted me. But as I read the book I could see that the f5-pawn was also taking an important role – preventing White’s forces from using the e4-square.”

The game was a correspondence game played between Richards (about 1400) and Rachmuth (about 1900). It was played with 2 days per move. No use of chess engine was permitted whereas use of books was allowed. You can play through the annotated game by clicking on the link below:

Richards – Rachmuth, Lichess 2020

The notes are by Moshe Rachmuth, and I have added a brief comment as well.

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