12 Weeks to Better Chess

Photo by Lu Mu.

In the beginning of March 2017, FM/FT Carsten Hansen and I launched the training program 12 Weeks to Better Chess. It is a complete program that offers the possibility to work intensively on chess on a weekly basis: we expect 6-8 hours per week, but ambitious students can do more.

There are 8 different modules covering all from the opening over the early middlegame and the middlegame to the endgame, building of a repertoire, game analysis, tactics, endgame studies and more. Furthermore, we have integrated Chessbase as an important tool for optimizing the work, and we also deal with the correct use of chess engines.

The training material is challenging on all levels in the program, and we have focus on changing the way you think chess as a prelude to becoming a stronger player. Thus, the program is a combination of a systematic approach and hard work.

However, we have also included some fun elements in the program! Surprising tactics and beautiful endgame studies are 2 such examples. The participants also like our endgame multiple choice.

The 3 levels in the program are:

  • Level 1: 1400-1700
  • Level 2: 1700-2000
  • Master Level: 2000-2200

We really want you to improve your chess!