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On October 5th 2018, I will start a Weekly Chess Letter. It will consist of 3 elements, where the first is a game fragment based on one of my three principal works from Quality Chess (Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces, The Secret Life of Bad Bishops and Sharp Endgames). All material is new, but built on the concepts from my books.

The second element is one subscriber game that will be annotated every week, and thus reflect my coaching style and ideas about game analysis. Games can be send in before Monday, and I will consider them for the upcoming Friday.

I will also include an endgame fragment as this is an area of my expertise – be it basic or sharp endgames, or even endgame studies. This is the third element of the Weekly Chess Letter.

You can read more about the Weekly Chess Letter on the blog page One week before launch I will post a Free Sample of the Weekly Chess Letter on the blog.

The prices are $4.95 monthly, $24.75 for 6 months (17% discount) and $44.55 for 1 year (25% discount). The Weekly Chess Letter will be sent directly to your email inbox every Friday upon subscription.

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