Here is a list of my upcoming online classes, both my own and in cooperation with the Marshall Chess Club.

White to move and win.







Endgame Studies 41-44

My own online program starts/continues on Monday 4/19 and runs for 4 weeks. All information can be found in this PDF brochure.

Cooperation with the Marshall Chess Club

To join these programs, sign up via the Marshall Chess Club.

1. Checkmates is a new program that starts on April 15. Here is a description:

“Eight classes. Checkmates are one of the first things we learn in chess, but many players can improve in this area. Knowing a broad variety of checkmates, including chess history, will benefit every chess player. This class will give a full overview, including examples from both real games and compositions, of checkmates. Puzzles will be sent as homework. (This is an intermediate class for players 1200-1800.)”

2. Great Games is ongoing, with classes 33-40 at the moment.  Each time, we go through a great game by answering 8 homework questions. The last 15-20, I take questions and we also spend some time on the opening.