Fun Chess Quiz

Entertaining and educational chess quiz!


The quiz lasts approx. 2½ hours, and is ideal for a fun chess evening – for instance prior to a holiday season.

The 5 types of exercises challenge all aspect of chess knowledge, chess history included. Added to the mix are a couple of special and fun puzzles that many chess players might not be familiar with.

The quiz is easily printed out and ready to use, and works well with competing teams of 2-4 players. Key solutions are in Chessbase format too. Forming the teams based on age and rating is advisable. The feedback so far has been excellent, and thus I can guarantee great fun!

Content: Introduction and Overview to the quiz, Triple Loyd, World Champions, Names of Mates, Studies & Construction Tasks. The solutions are included, and the quiz is available in both English and Danish.

Duration: approx. 2½ hours.

Rating level: 1500+ (Participants of the quiz has suggested this lower rating limit. This is partly based on the time factor – as stronger players need less time to solve the exercises. I should mention that 80% of the quiz is for players rated 1200+, which is the lower limit I would set myself.)

Price: $57 (347 DKK)

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PS. I would like to mention that the total time of quiz material by far exceeds the 2½ hours, giving more fun to those who wish to spend more time on the exercises!

However, in a competitive setup, the time restriction adds to the fun and keeps the quiz on a scheduled track.