Brain Imaging Study

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take part in a brain study for chess players. Since my live-presentation in San Francisco, I have been eager to learn more on this interesting subject, and this was a chance to get knowledge first hand, and also connect with people who has genuine knowledge in the area. The brain scan took place at Stony Brooks University, Long Island.

I can recommend the participation in the study. Right now, they are looking for players rated > 2000 USCF. See the section below by Dr. Tim Duong, and contact him if you are interested:

“Brain Imaging Study of Expert vs Novice Chess players

Dear Friends, We are conducting a brain MRI study of expertise (>2000 USCF rating) versus novice (<1000 USCF rating) chess players. MRI is a brain scan that provides images of brain structure and function without ionized radiation and is completely non-invasive. The brain MRI study takes 1-2 hours. Participants will be compensated for their time and given images of their brain. It should be fun and you will be contributing to science in a positive way. Pls contact me if you learn more. Thank you.

Dr. Tim Duong
[email protected].”