Promotion: Online Class For $5

Currently, I have 3 ongoing online chess programs, and Interesting Endgames is about to continue with classes 5-8, starting on this Thursday, May 7.

However, for the classes 1 & 2 in this program, I did not yet record them. Therefore, I will do these classes again with a big discount. These are the dates:

  • Interesting Endgames, Class 1: Rook endgames – why they are so difficult. Sunday, May 10 at 11-1pm (Eastern Time). Price: $5
  • Interesting Endgames, Class 2: Rook vs. Bishop – the sharpest endgame?Sunday, May 17 at 11-1pm (Eastern Time). Price: $5

(Disclaimer: these 2 promotional classes has nothing to do with my usual discounts.)

The format, as always, is 1 hour for presentation, then 1/2 hour for puzzle solving (offline), then we go back online to get feedback on the puzzles.

Incidentally, the sample week of 8 puzzles is from class 1 on rook endgames and why they are so difficult. Go to that page to download the puzzles.

Otherwise, contact me to sign up for the online classes.


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