Educational and Fun Chess Quiz

White to move: M. Liburkin 1935

Update: A lower rating level of 1500+ has been added to the quiz description!

Solution to the diagram can be found at the end of the blog post.

I have created an entertaining and educational chess quiz with 5 different types of exercises, lasting approximately 2½ hours in a team competition setting. Ideal for a fun evening at the chess club!

The quiz is available both in English and Danish. More information and prices can be found here.

I would like to mention that the total time of quiz material by far exceeds the 2½ hours, giving more fun to those who wish to spend more time on the exercises!

However, in a competitive setup, the time restriction adds to the fun and keeps the quiz on a scheduled track.

Solution to the diagram: 1.Nc5! (it is important to cover the e4-square) 1…e2+ 2.Kd2! Nf1+ (no check on e4!) 3.Kc1! and if 3…Kxe1 4.Nd3 mate!

Notice that 1.Nf4? doesn’t work: 1…e2+! 2.Nxe2 Nf1!= and there is no satisfactory escape to the upcoming knight checks on e3 and f1.



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