Sharp Endgames Book Review

Based on Giri – Rapport, 2017: Black to move and draw.

Quality Chess has added the first review of Sharp Endgames on their homepage.

The quote is from a review by John Hartmann in Chess Life:

“I cannot speak highly enough of Lund’s work here. Sharp Endgames is the first major title I have seen that outlines a thoughtful strategy for training against an engine, and Lund makes a persuasive case for the practical importance of such activity… a deeply original effort, and every player over 2000 should strongly consider the ideas in Sharp Endgames for their own training.”

The above diagram position is from my blog page with 3 sharp endgames from Giri-Rapport, 2017. I analyzed this interesting endgame and put it on the blog to show how I handle new endgames and turn them into book and training material. These 3 endgames are not in the book.


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