Book Presentation at the Marshall Chess Club

On Wednesday I gave a lecture in the Marshall Chess Club based on my latest book for Quality Chess, The Secret Life of Bad Bishops. After an interactive presentation, the participants tried to solve 6 exercises. After feedback to these exercises, the evening was wrapped up with a book signing.

Lund – Axel Smith, Borup 2009.

Black to move, find the winning continuation. (Click for solution here.)

The book deals with good and bad bishops, and my reason for including an endgame session is to investigate what happens when the bishop is complete isolated (=no remaining pieces). Well, the bishop is never completely isolated, since the king and pawns are usually there to support it on the other color.

Otherwise, the book deals with the opening (Advance French) and the middlegame (many complex Grandmaster games). You can read more about the book here, or go to Quality Chess’ homepage to see reviews of the book.

Do you recognize the table? Used in the recent World Championship Match between Carlsen and Karjakin, the organizers couldn’t find any use for it and donated it to the Marshall Chess Club. The table stands out from the remaining tables, both in color and shape – and the signature ashtray drawer is missing!

All pictures by Lu Mu. Check out her work portfolio here.


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